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Creative Title: ITI Trade List: The Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Professionals

iti trade List
iti trade List

Hello friends how are you guys do you know that in today’s world the importance of efficient business industry cannot be stressed enough. With the growing demand for skilled professionals, more and more individuals are opting to opt for trade programs offered by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) across the country. These programs offer a range of courses designed to train individuals in various trades, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their chosen fields.

One of the most important aspects of pursuing a business is choosing the right program that suits your interests, skills and career aspirations. The ITI Trades List is an essential resource for individuals seeking to enter the skilled trades industry. In this guide, we will provide a broad overview of the different trades offered, the duration of the programs, and their career prospects.

ITI Trade List and their Durations:

ITI offers a wide range of trades programs that cater to the varying needs and interests of individuals. Here is a list of some of the most popular trades offered by ITI along with their program duration:

  1. Fitter – 2 Years 
  2. Electrician – 2 Years
  3. Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) – 2 Years
  4. Carpenter – 1 Year
  5. Welder – 1 Year
  1. Plumber – 1 Year
  2. Draughtsman (Civil) – 2 Years
  3. Machinist – 2 Years
  4. Turner – 2 Years
  5. Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning) – 2 Years

Career Prospects:

After completing the ITI trades programs, individuals can expect a wide range of career opportunities in their respective fields. Some of the most common career paths include:

  1. Carpenter – Furniture Design, Construction, and Maintenance
  2. Electrician – Electrical Technician, Wireman, Electrical Contractor
  3. Fitter – Assembly Technician, Maintenance Technician
  4. Welder – Welding Technician, Fabricator
  5. Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) – Automobile Technician, Mechanic, Service Technician
  6. Plumber – Plumber, Pipefitter
  7. Draughtsman (Civil) – CAD Technician, Drafter, Estimator
  8. Machinist – CNC Operator, Tool and Die Maker
  9. Turner – Lathe Operator, Machine Operator
  10. Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning) – HVAC Technician, Refrigeration Mechanic

Lastly, following a trade program offered by an ITI can be a great way to start a career in the skilled trade industry. With a wide range of programs offered, individuals can choose the field that best suits their interests and career aspirations. By completing an ITI trade program, individuals can expect career opportunities in their respective fields, such as Furniture Designer, Electrical Technician, Assembly Technician, Welding Technician, Automobile Technician, CAD Technician, CNC Operator and many more.

ITI trade list is a comprehensive guide that can help individuals understand the various trades offered, duration of programs and career prospects. By taking advantage of this resource, aspiring professionals can make informed decisions about their career paths and select a program that best suits their goals.

  1. What is ITI?

     ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute, which offers trades programs in various fields.

  2. How long is the duration of ITI trades programs?

    The duration of ITI trades programs varies from 1 to 2 years, depending on the field.

  3. What are some popular trades offered by ITI?

    Some popular trades offered by ITI include Carpenter, Electrician, Fitter, Welder, Mechanic (Motor Vehicle), Plumber, Draughtsman (Civil), Machinist, Turner, and Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning)

iti trade List

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