Measurement and measuring tools in English 2021-2022

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Measurement and measuring tools in English 2021-2022 | Measuring Method | Measurement | Direct measurement | Indirect Measurement


According to the drawing in the workshop, the instruments that are needed to test and measure them while making a job or any particular type of part are perfect, it is called a measuring instrument.


Measuring Method

This measurement is taken in three ways . . . . . . .

1 – Direct Measurement

2-Indirect Measurement

3-Comparative Measurement


Direct measurement

In this method, measurements of jobs are taken directly from rule, micrometer, vernier caliper, bevel protector, etc.


Indirect Measurement

In this method, after measuring the job, it is necessary to take measurements from steel rule, such as: – taken from calipers, telescopic gauges, dividers, etc.


Comparative Measurement

In this method, the job is measured by comparing it to a master piece.

Measuring Instruments

Types of Measuring Instruments

1 – Ordinary Measuring Tools & Instruments

2 – Precision Measuring Tools & Instruments


Ordinary Measuring Tools & Instruments

Measured instruments by which a minimum measurement of up to 0.5 mm in the metric system and 1/64 “in the British system are called ordinary measuring instruments. Such as: Rule, caliper etc.

Precision Measuring Tools & Instruments

Such instruments by which more precise and accurate measurements can be taken in British or metric systems are called microscopic instruments, that is, through these instruments, in the British system, 0. 001 mm. And 0.01 mm in the metric system. Or more precisely. Such as: – micrometer, vernier calipers etc.

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