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Safety Precaution 5 ‘S’ Concept


The present age is the tug of machine. The industrial revolution in the form of wheels has started with the era of semi-automatization,  automatization and now computerization. There are many types of business functions in industrial institutes. Skilled human labor is required to do these tasks. Only skilled man-laborers are able to properly operate the machines.

5 ‘S’ Concept

5 ‘S’ is a system, which reduces wastage and increases productivity to maintain a systematic work process and use visual cues to contribute to achieving more rational operator results. Applying this method The tax procedure is organized from its current position and usually this method is the first method applied by any organization.

Basic pillars of the 5 ‘S’ concept

Sort, set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

In the given picture, it is clear that there is a cyclic process which gives rise to a process of continuous development.


1 – This is the first S of 5 ‘S’.

2 – It separates those unnecessary items from the system, which is not necessary from the point of view of present production.

3 – This is an effective visualization method, which evaluates the need of each item.

4 – This is known as red tagging.

 Set in order

1 – This method focuses on generating efficient and effective collection methods.

2 – This method organizes all items properly so that they can be labeled with ease.

3 – This method can be successful only if the first column of 5 ‘S’ has been removed from the work area by the SART.

4 – Setting of order methods, setting of labels, setting of work area and locations etc. are covered under the set in order method.


1 – This method is related to the work area and the sanitation method of all the machines.

2 – Working in a clean environment, the workers can easily see and understand the defect in any machine and prevent it.

3 – Organizations often set up sign targets, assignments, methods and tools etc. before starting a sign column.


After applying all three columns of 1 – 5 ‘S’, the next column is standardize, under which the field of work is best standardized.

2 – This method involves three steps: –

(a) Assigns the responsibility of 5 ‘S’ (sort, set in order, shine).

(b) Integration of 5 ‘S’ works as regular tasks.

(c) Regular checking to maintain 5 ‘S’.

 There are some necessary tools for standardization of 5 ‘S’ processes, which are as follows: –

(1) Work cycle chart

(2) visual signal

(3) Time bound

(4) Check List


1 – This is the most difficult ‘S’, which is intended – to maintain reasonably correct methods and procedures.

2 – This method focuses on translating the new current situation and the scope of work of the organization.

Safety Precaution 5 ‘S’ Concept

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