Stacey Abrams tests positive for Covid-19

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Georgia Democratic gubernatorial competitor Stacey Abrams has tried positive for COVID-19.

Stacey Abrams tests positive for Covid-19

The determination will keep Abrams off the battle field for a concise timeframe, she said in a tweet Wednesday.

“Toward the beginning of today I took my everyday COVID test and tried positive for COVID-19. Before my discourse yesterday, I tried negative.

Today I’m encountering gentle side effects, and I’m thankful to have been immunized and helped,” Abrams said.

“I’ll spend the following couple of days at home, meeting with people by Zoom and by telephone, striving to come out on top in this race for all Georgians,” she said. “I anticipate getting back out and about and meeting people across Georgia soon.”

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Abrams is again rushing to unseat Gov. Brian Kemp subsequent to losing to the Republican in the 2018 gubernatorial political race.

A survey dispatched by the Kemp lobby toward the beginning of July showed Kemp driving with half help in front of Abrams’ 45%.

The study was led among 1,200 likely broad political decision electors and had a room for mistakes of around 2.6 rate focuses, as per Newsweek.
Stacey Abrams tests positive for Covid-19

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