types of gauges in hindi

Types of Gauges in hindi

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Question 1. Why are   gauge required?
Answer –  Gauge was invented to check huge production in a short time.

Question 2. What is a gauge?
Answer – The instrument or tool that is used to check the huge output in a short time is called a gauge.

Question 3. What is a plug gauge?
Answer – It is used to check the internal measurement of the hall.

Question 4. What are the types of plaque gauges?
Answer – These are as follows: – Cylindrical, thread, taper, square, rectangular, hexagon form etc.

Question 5. What is a snap gauge?
Answer – This is done to check the diameter, length, width and thickness of a round job.

Question 6. What is a Feeler Gauge?
Answer – The difference / gap between two matching parts is used to check.

Question 7. What is a Limit Gauge?
Answer – The gauge used to check the job in the given limit is called the limit gauge. It has one end “Go” and the other end “Not Go”.

Question 8. On what principle is the “Go” and “Not Go” gauge built?
Answer – The “Go” end is made to a size equal to the minimum measurement and the “Not Go” end is equal to the maximum measurement.

Question 9. What is a radius gauge?
Answer – You can check the outer and inner concave and convex radius of a job.

Question 10. Where is the wire or sheet gauge used?
Answer – It is used to measure the thickness of sheet thickness and wire thickness.

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Types of Gauges in hindi , Types of Gauges in hindi ,

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