Fitter Question in English

Fitter Question in English

All the competitive exams are those that have some questions that keep repeating every year and in the inter view as well, those questions are asked the maximum number of times (

Short Quetion Answer

 1 – What happens to the unit?
  Answer – We call it unit in which that amount is measured.

2 – What does the numerical value represent?
Answer – Under the numerical value, we display the magnitude of that amount.

3 – In what form is the state of the internal energy of an object known?
Answer -As temperature.

4 – What are the temperature scales?
   Answer – Fahrenheit, Centigrade, Calvin and Reumer.

5 – What are the types of simple measuring instruments?
  Answer – They are usually of three types: –
                      (1) Height measurers
                      (2) Angle measurers
                      (3) Comparators

6 – What is the limit of rule?
 Answer – The length of a job cannot be measured with precision with the help of rule.

7 – What is the unique feature of TRAI-Square?
   Answer – It is a checking tool in which we measure right angles.

 8- How are map-taking devices used in machine shops?
 Answer – They are not used together but are used indirectly with the help of plants.

9- What is unique about Strange Edge?
 Answer  – It is not used to measure the directions of a job but to check the flatness of different job surfaces.

10- Who invented Vernier calipers?
  Answer – Parry Vernier

11- How is the measurement derived from ordinary Vernier calipers?
 Answer – By reading the Vernier scale, the measurement is multiplied by the least measure.

12- When is the Vernier height gauge used in the workshop?
 Answer – To measure the height of a job or when marking.

13- What special care should be taken while marking?
Answer – Marking should be done on surface plate.

14- On what principle does the micrometer work?
Answer – Works on the principle of “nuts and bolts”

15- What type of instrument is a dial test indicator?
 Answer – Comparative study practitioner.

16- What principle does the sine bar operate on?
Answer – On the principle of trigonometry.

Fitter Question in English

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Fitter Question in English