Denmark's Prince Frederik Shares Update After Pulling Son from School Tied to Alarming Allegations

 Ruler Christian of Denmark will begin at another school this fall after claims of sexual maltreatment and tormenting surfaced at his lofty all inclusive school.

 Ruler Frederik and Princess Mary declared Wednesday that their 16-year-old child would begin at Ordrup Gymnasium in the new school year. 

 They recently shared that he would move out of Herlufsholm School following one year following charges of sexual maltreatment and tormenting at the foundation. 

 Saying that they were "profoundly shaken" by the discoveries delivered by the National Agency for Education and Quality, the guardians of four said that the data "coordinates an especially unforgiving scrutinize from a state authority against Herlufsholm and puts expectations on the school at a few levels, not least the initiative level" — which was inadmissible.

 Ruler Frederik, 54, and Princess Mary, 50, said the choice to move school was "troublesome" for their family and highlighted their "exceptional situation as Crown Prince Couple" as a variable.

 Pushing ahead, the future ruler and sovereign added that they would talk with their youngsters in regards to the following best strides for their schooling.