little history was made during Game 2 of the Public Association Title Series with siblings Aaron and Austin Nola going head to head on inverse sides

At the point when Padres' catcher Austin ventured to the plate against Phillies' pitcher Aaron in the subsequent inning, it denoted whenever siblings first went head to head in pitcher-hitter matchup in the end of the season games.

Aaron and the Phillies won that specific fight, inspiring him to ground out

they would go head to head again in the fifth inning, and that at-bat wound up affecting the end-product of the game.

While the Phillies had leaped out to a 4-0 lead, the Padres worked on their shortage scoring two runs in the third.

Then in the fifth inning, with a sprinter on first, Austin Nola ventured to the plate.

While his sibling immediately advanced beyond him in the count

 San Diego's Nola then singled to focus field.